Models for Change ’11

October 12th

8:30am  Pre-Conference Workshops – (more…)

4:30pm  Opening Reception and Opening Keynote: Adaptive Design & Behavior Change

   John Kenagy, M.D. (Kenagy & Associates)

8:00pm  End of Day 1

October 13th

7:30am  Networking Breakfast

8:30am  Morning Keynote: Forces Driving Need for Change and Adoption of Self-Management, Self-Care and Behavior change by Patients and Health Consumers

   David H. Freedman (Author & Journalist)

9:15am  Leading Edge Interventions: What’s Working, What’s Not and Bright Spots

   Paul Ciechanowski, M.D.  (U. of Washington, Group Health & SamePage)  TEAMcare

   Rodney Hart, R.N., COHN (ODS Health Plan)

   Susan Zbikowski, Ph.D. (Alere Wellbeing)

   Marilyn Guthrie (REI)

   Dolores (Dodi) Kelleher, M.S., M.P.H. (Safeway, Inc.)

   Jan English-Lueck, Ph.D. (San Jose State University & Institute for the Future)

   David Reeves (Quantified Self Seattle & Limeade)

   Barbara Forss (LadyBugs Foundation & Patient Advocate/Advisor)

12:15pm  Lunch

1:15pm   Afternoon Keynote:Future State – Building Scalability and Sustainability into Behavior Change Programs

    Victor Strecher, Ph.D. (University of Michigan & HealthMedia Founder

2:00pm  Tracking Opportunities & Enablers for Scaling Programs and Sustaining Change

   Margaret Morris, Ph.D. (Intel Corp.) Momentary Assessment & Intervention via Mobile

   Michael Kim  (Kairos Labs) Behavior-Change Gaming & Habit Design

   Neema Moraveji, Ph.D. (Stanford Univ. & Calming Technology Lab) Calming Technology

   Myra Muramoto, M.D., M.P.H. (Univ. of ArizonaCommunities as Change Agents

   Jane Brock, M.D.  (Colorado Foundation for Medical Care) Government Policy

4:00pm What’s Needed: Perspectives on Near-Term Service, Technology & Relation Innovation to Support Sustainable Change

   Marc Pierson, M.D. (PeaceHealth)

   Karen Calfas, Ph.D. (University of San Diego & San Diego State University)

   Tracy Gaudet, M.D. (Veterans Health Administration)

   Tom Weakland  (PwC Diamond Advisory Services)

   Holly Jimison, Ph.D. (Oregon Health & Sciences University)

   Steven M. Schwartz, Ph.D. (HealthMedia/Johnson & Johnson)

6:00pm  End of Day 2

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