2011 Videos & Slides

The Consumer-Centric Health: Models for Change ’11 conference featured more than 20 presentations on all facets of health behavior change.  The presenters represented diverse fields of medicine, employer health, mobile technology, health insurance, gaming, public health, research, and anthropology.  The 1½ day conference, held at Seattle University in Seattle, Washington, began with an opening keynote on Oct 12, with the main sessions on Oct 13, divided into three sections:
(1) what’s working in behavior change
(2) how to scale behavior change
(3) what else is needed to make behavior change more effective and sustainable.

Below are the slides and videos for each presentation (where available) as well as summaries of the conference in video and written formats.

Summary: Consumer-Centric Health: Models for Change ’11  (download…) (video…)

1. Changing Minds to Change Behavior (Opening Keynote). John Kenagy, M.D. (Kenagy & Associates) (slides…) (video…)

2. The Vastly Challenging, Utterly Achievable Goal of Rebooting Population-Wide Behavior. David H. Freedman (Author & Journalist) (slides…) (video…)

3. TEAMcare Primary Program for Patients with Complex Chronic Disease & Depression. Paul Ciechanowski, M.D. (University of Washington, Group Health & SamePage) (slides…) (video…)

4. Managing Medical & Behavioral Risk. Rodney Hart, R.N., COHN (ODS Health Plan) (slides…) (video…)

5. A Weight Concern for Smokers.  Susan Zbikowski, Ph.D. (Alere Wellbeing) (slides…) (video…)

6. Total Improvement Health Strategy. Marilyn Guthrie (REI) (slides…) (video…)

7. Live Life, Live Long, Live Well: An Evolving Health & Wellness Strategy. Dolores (Dodi) Kelleher, M.S., M.P.H. (Safeway, Inc.) (slides…) (video…)

8. Small Experiments: Tinkering with Well Being. Jan English-Lueck, Ph.D. (San Jose State University & Institute for the Future) (slides…) (video…)

9. Quantified Self: Self Knowledge through Numbers. David Reeves (Quantified Self Seattle & Limeade) (slides…) (video…)

10. Patient Advocacy & Behavior Change. Barbara Forss (LadyBugs Foundation & Patient Advocate/Advisor) (video…)

11. Building Scalability & Sustainability in Behavior Change Programs. Victor Strecher, Ph.D. (University of Michigan & HealthMedia Founder) (video…)

12. Margie Morris, Ph.D. (Intel Corp.) Momentary Assessment & Intervention via Mobile

13. Behavior-Change Gaming & Habit Design. Michael Kim (Kairos Labs)  (video…)

14. Calming Technologies. Neema Moraveji, Ph.D. Candidate (Stanford Univ. & Calming Technology Lab) (slides…) (video…)

15. Behavior Change & Policy. Jane Brock, M.D. (Colorado Foundation for Medical Care) (slides…) (video…)

16. Social & Community Network Approach to Tobacco Cessation. Myra Muramoto, M.D., M.P.H. (University of Arizona) (slides…) (video…)

17. Sustainable Technology to Support Sustainable Behavior Change. Holly Jimison, Ph.D. (Oregon Health & Sciences University) (slides…) (video…)

18. A Critical Moment in the History of Medicine. Tracy Gaudet, M.D. (Veterans Health Administration) (slides…) (video…)

19. Behavioral Economics Meets Healthcare. Tom Weakland (PwC Diamond Advisory Services) (slides…) (video…)

20. Ecosystems for Supported Behavior Change. Marc Pierson, M.D. (PeaceHealth) (slides…) (video…)

21. Mobile & Social Technologies: Applications in Health Behavior Change. Karen Calfas, Ph.D. (University of San Diego & San Diego State University) (slides…) (video…)

22. Tackling the Double Helix: On the Road to Sustainable Behavior Change. Steven M. Schwartz, Ph.D. (HealthMedia/J&J) (slides…) (video…)