Models for Change Conference

Why focus on behavior?

  • More than 75% of health care costs are due to chronic conditions.
  • Chronic diseases are the most preventable, by behavior change and self-management.
  • There is increasing need to reduce costs and improve access to health care as the demographic bulge of the baby boomers add to demand.
  • As difficult as it will be for health care organizations to make changes to the health care system, the most important and most difficult will be for patients and consumers to change their lifestyle and self-management behaviors.
  • The key to success is understanding what drives adoption and persistent use

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Why attend?

Who should attend

Expected takeaways


Employers and Insurers Better understanding of how to motivate employees and members to participate in their own health care
Care practitioners Understand the role of patient activation, and what it means for your practice
Facility administrators Recognize the keys to change leadership
Organizational and social change agents Incorporate the lessons learned into your practice
Entrepreneurs Learn what problems need to be solved
Investors Better evaluate, amongst competing investments, which are more likely to be adopted