What We Do

Health Innoventions serves the  public good by promoting the translation and dissemination of actionable consumer-centric information to foster health-enhancing policy, programs and technology.

  • Objective research – predicated on a diverse range of strategic and management consulting experience
  • Consulting services – shaped by our research roadmap, and customized to client needs
  • Conference-based learning and discourse – bringing thought leaders, industry professionals, practitioners and academic researchers together to share lessons learned, best practices and challenges

A neologism formed from “innovation” and “intervention”

Why We Do It

There is valuable information being generated by both traditional institutions and practitioners (universities, research centers, clinicians), employers, and non-traditional sources (social media, lay health workers, consumers, caretakers), but the information is siloed and is not getting to those who need it fast enough.

Why It’s Important

  • More than 75% of health care costs are due to chronic conditions.
  • Chronic diseases are the most preventable, by behavior change and self-management.
  • The demographic bulge of the baby boomers will add to the demand for reduced costs and improved access to health care.
  • As difficult as it will be for health care organizations to respond to the changing demands, it will be more difficult for patients and consumers to change their lifestyle and self-management behaviors.

Our Perspective

  • Focus on the consumer – All of our work is informed by the perspective of the critical role consumers must play as accountable and responsible agents in their own health and health care.
  • Technology may be necessary, but it’s not sufficient – The average consumer has increasing access to  technological aids (self-tracking, social networking, virtual coaching, mobile etc.), but unless they are adopted, they are of little value.
  • Leverage the emerging discipline – There is  a growing, though highly cross-disciplinary, body of knowledge informing motivation and behavior change that can be formulated into coherent and powerful tools.

Who We Are

Health Innoventions was formed after the co-founders, Michael A. Gallelli and Max Wells, researched and authored a white paper on Boomers, Technology and Health. After interviewing over 50 experts, Gallelli and Wells recognized the impending paradigm shift to patient-centric health care and consumer-driven health, and concluded that the biggest obstacle to heath care is primarily one of behavior and personal accountability.

As industry professionals with diverse backgrounds in consumer-facing digital and mobile media and technology, as well as expertise in health and wellness theory and applications, the founders of Health Innoventions leverage a broad-based view of the complex factors driving and enabling sustainable self-management, self-care and behavior change.


Michael A. Gallelli

With more than 20 years experience in media and digital and mobile technology, Michael brings a combination of business development, marketing and management expertise to identifying and nurturing new business initiatives. As a senior leader with Fox Mobile (News Corp) and T-Mobile, he started and established growing businesses that many take for granted today – using the mobile phone for anytime, anywhere access to information, applications and entertainment. As a management consultant with KPMG, Michael specialized in digital media business formation and strategy during the first wave of Internet media. As an executive for Sony, Warner and BMG in the first chapter of his career, he was responsible for developing and marketing commercially and critically acclaimed recording artists. Michael received a B.A. from Vassar College and a M.A. from University of Southern California.

Max Wells, Ph.D.

Max Wells is the former Associate Director of the University of Washington’s virtual reality lab, a pioneer in the field of telemedicine. A former technology entrepreneur and digital media executive he is now the publisher/founder of Seattle Wise, a magazine for readers 50+. Max has a BSc in Biology and Psychology from the University of Stirling, Scotland, and a Ph.D. in Engineering and Applied Science from the University of Southampton, England.

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