I’m David Reeves, Director of Product Management at Limeade, a provider of social wellness services to high performance companies and health systems. In addition, I co-organize the Seattle chapter of the Quantified Self meetup groups, which occur in dozens of cities every month. In my talk, I’ll be touching on each of these roles. I’ll discuss the role of self-tracking and quantification in behavior change, along both ends of the motivation spectrum. In addition, I plan to discuss our efforts at Limeade to help individuals and companies improve their well-being by making these techniques accessible, social and fun.

(editors note. This “and now a word of introduction from…” comes from David Reeves, one of 20 conference presenters.  From time to time we’ll post an intro as a way for Models for Change conference attendees and other interested parties to learn a bit more about a speaker beyond the title and bio)

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